At 75, Roger Nuhn of Glasford is a relative newlywed. When he and Bonnie married five years ago, he joined a close-knit family that all rallied around him when he started treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the winter of 2014. Presented with the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, Roger decided, “What have I got to lose?” The answer: Nothing. He’s not only responding well to treatment—which he’s not sure he could have afforded on his own—but he’s also recovered the energy to do the things he loves. “I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without this treatment. Now, I feel like doing stuff again.” Continue Reading

Roger Nuhn

When Calvin Pettitt found himself out of breath after climbing the stairs, he bought some workout clothes and shoes, and then started walking. The weight started dropping fast—too fast. It was kidney cancer. “My grandfather and my mom both died of cancer. I thought it was a death sentence.” With God, his extended family and the team at Illinois CancerCare by his side, Calvin proved it’s not. He had his kidney removed, joined a clinical trial and now feels good enough to start taking laps around the track once more. Continue Reading

Calvin Pettitt

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In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations of products or services are perfect for auction and raffle items for events and help us to raise funds for our patient programs and initiatives. For more information or to make an in-kind gift, please call the Foundation at 309-243-3437 or email us at

Events and Event Sponsorship

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation is committed to patients and their families from throughout central Illinois, which is why all funds raised are used to support patients regardless of which Illinois CancerCare Clinic they are being treated at. We are committed to creating and maintaining a strong relationship with individuals and businesses in our community through events and partnerships. Events hosted by or supporting the Illinois CancerCare Foundation provide support to local cancer patients and their families and the community through educational programs and research initiatives.

For interested businesses and individuals, here are some ways you can support the Illinois CancerCare Foundation:

  • Create and sponsor a fundraising event to benefit the Illinois CancerCare Foundation
  • Become a sponsor for an existing or new event
  • Provide volunteers at an Illinois CancerCare Foundation sponsored event or a third-party event

Please click here to review the Foundation’s Third Party fundraising policy and Application Form.

Matching Gifts

Many employees have the option of increasing their gift to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation through their company’s matching gift program. Before making a gift to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation, please check with your employer about matching gift opportunities available to you. Many employers will match their employee’s and/or retirees’ gifts to non-profit organizations – allowing your gift to go twice as far.

Most Human Resources departments maintain information about such programs as well as the appropriate forms needed for the matching gift. Central Illinois companies who offer matching programs include:

  • PNC Bank
  • RLI Corp.
  • Verizon Foundation
  • JPMorgan Chase

If your employer has a matching gift program and is not listed above, please let us know by calling 309-243-3437 or email us at

Annual Giving Program

The Illinois CancerCare Foundation’s Annual Giving program was created to provide a solid and reliable financial base of support from our many friends to fulfill our mission of support to cancer patients and their families. Annual giving enhances services for our cancer patients and ensures that those services will be available to support the growing number of patients in years to come. Any tax-deductible gift received through charitable event attendance, mail appeals, memorial or honoraria gifts, or outright donations are credited toward the Foundation’s Annual Giving program.

Annual Giving Level Giving Category
Under $250 Determination
$250-$999 Courage
$1,000-$2,499 Strength
$2,500-$4,999 Healing
$5,000-$9,999 Resilience
$10,000 and above Discovery

For more information about the Foundation’s Annual Giving program, please call 309-243-3437 or email us at

Tribute / Memorial Gifts

Honor someone special, a special occasion, or the memory of a loved one with a gift to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation. A tribute, memorial or honorarium gift celebrates the life of your loved one while providing hope to others and touching the lives of our patients and families during such a difficult time. The individual being recognized, or their closest family member, will be sent an acknowledgement card or letter letting them know of your gift.