Norman Todd is hoping to play a role in helping future patients discover his same quality of life by taking part in a Foundation-funded clinical trial. “I appreciate all that the people who went before me did to help develop new treatments, and I want to do what I can to help someone else in the future.” Continue Reading

Norman Todd

When you consider all the things you’d like to pass on to your children, cancer certainly doesn’t make the list. But given her family’s history, Ann Best knew it was a possibility. After much deliberation, Ann underwent genetic testing and many family members followed. Knowing the important role the Foundation plays in helping promote and advance testing locally; Ann remains a vocal advocate, serving as a volunteer, donor and board member. “For my kids, I want to see really good research continue right here. The Foundation helps keep Illinois CancerCare on the cutting edge of treatments and therapies.” Continue Reading

Ann Best

Trust in Hope

Cancer treatment places big demands on many patients, and that can make getting through the holidays an especially challenging time.

Funded by contributions to the Foundation, and made possible by hard-working volunteers, the Trust in Hope program provides Thanksgiving meals and holidays gifts for eligible patients and their families! Meals and gifts, along with wrapping supplies and a smile, are delivered straight to patient doors by our wonderful volunteers.

622 thanksgiving meals were delivered to 67 families
52 families were provided holiday gifts for 94 children

Through this program, Illinois CancerCare Foundation is able to provide even more compassion, support and HOPE to our patients over the holidays. Over the last 14 years, a total of 4,131 Thanksgiving meals have been delivered and 357 families with 644 children have received holiday gifts!