“My breast cancer diagnosis opened my eyes to the fact that we could be doing more to treat cancer patients holistically. Therapists have a role to play in helping them get the rest of their lives back.” Sue Paul went on to launch a research project in 2015 focused on balance, funded by a Foundation grant. Still ongoing, the study explores where and why balance issues occur, as well as how and when to target treatment. “The Foundation is ahead of the curve in funding projects like this. They care about quality of life issues, and they’re willing to reach out and grab the expertise of others in our community.” Continue Reading

Sue Paul

When Calvin Pettitt found himself out of breath after climbing the stairs, he bought some workout clothes and shoes, and then started walking. The weight started dropping fast—too fast. It was kidney cancer. “My grandfather and my mom both died of cancer. I thought it was a death sentence.” With God, his extended family and the team at Illinois CancerCare by his side, Calvin proved it’s not. He had his kidney removed, joined a clinical trial and now feels good enough to start taking laps around the track once more. Continue Reading

Calvin Pettitt

Dr. Jane Liu Recognized for Efforts as Lead Investigator in Cancer Research

Dr. Jane Liu, Medical Oncologist at Illinois CancerCare, was recognized as the highest enrolling physician for all cancer prevention and symptom management trials available through the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). The recognition was recently presented at the annual NCORP meeting in Bethesda, MD.

NCORP is a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-supported network that brings cancer prevention clinical trials, cancer care delivery research, and cancer treatment trials to people in their communities. Locally, these clinical trials and research programs are available through Heartland NCORP which includes Illinois CancerCare, OSF HealthCare and UnityPoint Health-Methodist.

Dr. Liu was also recognized for her efforts as the second highest enrolling physician across the entire NCORP network. In addition, 5 other physicians at Illinois CancerCare were recognized for their achievements in enrolling patients. They include: Madhuri Bajaj, MD; Gregory J. Gerstner, MD; Patrick L. Gomez, MD; Pankaj Kumar, MD; and Gary MacVicar, MD.

These recognitions are important as they highlight individuals and organizations for their dedication and commitment to research for individuals with cancer. This commitment can lead to new and improved cancer treatments and better ways to provide cancer care.
Heartland NCORP is comprised of three nationally recognized community cancer programs located in Peoria, IL, Decatur, IL and St. Louis, MO. These groups each had participated in NCI’s Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP), the predecessor program to NCORP.