“My breast cancer diagnosis opened my eyes to the fact that we could be doing more to treat cancer patients holistically. Therapists have a role to play in helping them get the rest of their lives back.” Sue Paul went on to launch a research project in 2015 focused on balance, funded by a Foundation grant. Still ongoing, the study explores where and why balance issues occur, as well as how and when to target treatment. “The Foundation is ahead of the curve in funding projects like this. They care about quality of life issues, and they’re willing to reach out and grab the expertise of others in our community.” Continue Reading

Sue Paul

Over the past three years, Jody Scott of Morton has battled cancer in multiple forms, but she’s never let it get her down. And when times were tough around the holidays, volunteers from the Foundation’s Trust in Hope program made her life a bit easier. “I was just beside myself when they came and brought a full Thanksgiving meal. They touched my soul.” Continue Reading

Jody Scott

Coach Karrie Redeker

Coach Karrie Redeker
October 5, 2020

Breast Cancer Survivor
Coach Karrie Redeker
ICC Women’s Basketball

It was the start of Wednesday’s women’s basketball practice at Illinois Central College, the team was on a high having just found out they were playing in the national tournament, and head coach Karrie Redeker picked up the phone to hear she had breast cancer. Her treatment would become her personal game to play over the next year, and she would face the challenges the same way she coached her team, with faith over fear, big goals and wearing ICC blue. Karrie never told anyone she had breast cancer, but that she was “going to beat breast cancer.” From the beginning, her mindset was “proud to be an overcomer.”

While in treatment, Karrie led her team in one of the best seasons she has coached, ranking number one in the nation and having a 32 game winning streak. The teams theme that year was Stronger Together, and to Karrie this began to represent the way you get through any adversity. She never felt she was facing treatment alone. The team’s basketball success allowed for Karrie to set the stage for an epic Cancer Awareness game between her number one nationally ranked team and the number five ranked team. The game went almost to overtime before Illinois Central College won on a last second shot. In addition to spreading cancer awareness, prevention and support, the team asked fans to give donations for three point shots made and charges taken throughout the season and raised over $4,000.00 for Illinois CancerCare Foundation.