Norman Todd is hoping to play a role in helping future patients discover his same quality of life by taking part in a Foundation-funded clinical trial. “I appreciate all that the people who went before me did to help develop new treatments, and I want to do what I can to help someone else in the future.” Continue Reading

Norman Todd

When you consider all the things you’d like to pass on to your children, cancer certainly doesn’t make the list. But given her family’s history, Ann Best knew it was a possibility. After much deliberation, Ann underwent genetic testing and many family members followed. Knowing the important role the Foundation plays in helping promote and advance testing locally; Ann remains a vocal advocate, serving as a volunteer, donor and board member. “For my kids, I want to see really good research continue right here. The Foundation helps keep Illinois CancerCare on the cutting edge of treatments and therapies.” Continue Reading

Ann Best

Final Grant Progress Report

  • We look forward to the final report of progress in your important scientific work. We ask you to complete the Final Report form and submit it upon the close of your grant cycle.

    If you have any questions about the report form, please feel free to contact the Foundation Executive Director at 309.243.3422.

    Thank you!

  • Grant Description

  • Description of Outputs/Outcomes, Lessons Learned, Future Plans

    The answers to the questions below provide an overview of the original intent of the grant and compares how the project has done so far versus what was initially intended. They also provide insight into how this grant meets the mission of the Illinois CancerCare Foundation.

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    • We require detailed budget reconciliation. Please ensure your financial report shows how you specifically used the grant. The originally submitted budget should be directly compared to the actual amount spent on the project and explanations for any variances should be provided. Please note that you may be asked to provide invoices to support your expenditures. Please upload appropriate documentation (itemization of expenditures, summary of patients served, etc.) that support your finals report.
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      • Grantee asserts that it has complied with all of the terms and conditions of the grant specified in the Grant Agreement previously executed by the Grantee and the Illinois CancerCare Foundation. I declare that I am authorized to sign this report on behalf of the grantee organization and that I have examined the foregoing statements and to the best of my knowledge they are true, correct, and complete.
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